How do I charter a bus?

bus a charter

If you need to charter a bus, whether it’s in Sydney or out in the suburbs, you have two options. The first option means manually contacting every individual coach charter specialist and a whole lot of leg work. You got time for that?
“What’s the smartest way to charter a bus?”
The second option is to download our smartphone app, and compare the bus charter market within seconds, in the palm of your hands. With our bus app you can book what you need, for who you need and when you need it. Best of all, you can make sure you’re getting the best price across the market too. And we reckon you can make a cup of tea at the same time.

When it comes to Sydney coach charter bus fleets, the prices will vary depending on the sizeand the facilities on board. There is a bus hireneed for everyone and you can choose from the following types of charter coach options:

  • Sprinter Van / MPC: You can keep your bus charter costs right down with a range of smaller multiple people carrier options, such as passenger sprinter vans. Where they are stripped back in terms of features such as toilets or wifi, they do offer great pricing. Perfect for cheap bus charter needs and smaller groups.
  • Coach/Bus: For larger groups and those with a need for more extensive luggage and facilities, such as onboard toilets then a luxury charter coach or limo-bus option is available. Perfect for groups of 30+
  • Mini bus: If you need a Sydney coach charter and your group size is around 12-20, then a mini bus is ideal. Spacious enough for extensive personal luggage, a central walkway between seats for greater accessibility and financially more efficient than a great big whopping coach.

If you can’t trust your team-mates or travel buddies to get their rears in gear, you may find the ‘book your own seat’ approach, ends up with a smaller travel party than you’d hoped for. So, if you know your mate Steve is a nightmare at booking travel but brings a whole new dimension of game to a party, then you may want to make everyone’s life easier. One of youbook, the others can pay you when they get on the charter bus. Or you can just leave them at the destination until they cough up. This way it only requires one of you to be organised. That’s the benefit of a Sydney bus charter vs a coach.